Project overview

The Trent Study Group, based at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, was set up to investigate the causes of infection with Hepatitis C and comprises members from the National Blood Transfusion Service, QMC and a number of other hospitals in or adjacent to the Trent region, including Nottingham City, Scunthorpe, Derby, Sheffield and Leeds.

The group had been storing its data in an MS Access based system, which had been replicated for use across the five principal sites for data collection. Over time the synchronization of these replicas had given rise to concerns over the integrity of the data. By July 2000, there was no longer a definitive single data set, user confidence had fallen and the system had ceased to be a useful working tool. It was at this point, after approaching a number of other suppliers that the Group called in Illuminaries to look at reworking the system and rebuilding the master dataset.

HCV Study

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