Project overview

Kath from the Steiner Waldorf Fellowship approached Illuminaries with what first appeared to be the requirements for a curriculum planning tool, but as time went on, Illuminaries discovered what was a far more complex and nuanced tool, designed to enable teachers to create cross-curricular schemes of work that translated the Waldorf curriculum into effective medium term plans. 

In Waldorf education teachers design the curriculum for their class, drawing on a range of pedagogical principles and established practice. The new planning tool provided a framework within which teachers could ensure the learning offered the children was appropriately sequenced, delivered at an appropriate level and meeting required standards.

The project was initiated during the covid pandemic, but with Kath’s clear ideas of what the system would be, Illuminaries were able to remotely capture all the requirements and create a proposal to match all of the Steiner Waldorf’s needs.

Curriculum Planning Tool

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