Project overview

The MRI Database, developed for The University of Sheffield’s Academic Department of Radiology, is our oldest system. The MRI Scanner at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital had been in operation for 3 years and had performed scans on about 1000 patients, when, in 1993 Illuminaries was commissioned to develop a specialist radiology administration system to manage MR scan episodes, appointments, reporting and billing.

Since Autumn 1994, when the first version of the MRI Database went live, the University MRI facility at one time reached five scanners running at four sites across Sheffield, although is currently running 4 scanners at 3 sites. At its peak, the system was handling 12,000 episodes a year and in December 2006 the 100,000th episode was entered into the database.

The original system designed has undergone one major rewrite (to move from Access to SQL Server database technology), some extensive additions, including a document management system to store scanned request cards and other episode related files, a Clinical Studies module and numerous smaller changes. During this entire period, the system has been supported by the Illuminaries development team, including the original author (with an unparalleled degree of passion)

MRI Database

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