Project overview

Health Education Yorkshire and The Humber is one of the 13 LETBs established by Health Education England in 2012/13 to monitor quality and training of students and trainees in NHS England. A part of this process requires a Dean’s Report to be submitted to the GMC twice a year as a spreadsheet recording concerns, recommended actions and progress along with examples of good practice.  Each submission typically took one person, a month or more to collate the information from various sources.

Information about concerns and good practice was collected during visits to NHS trusts in the area covered by HEYH and stored in a number of disparate spreadsheets. In addition, the trusts were required to provide feedback on their progress in addressing actions through spreadsheets which had been partially pre-completed by the HEYH QM team.  In short, this was a clear case of ‘spreadsheet hell’ and it was felt that there must be a better way of doing this.

HEYH contacted Illuminaries in December 2013 to ask for assistance in designing a database which would allow data for the Dean’s Report to be collected and collated in a more efficient way and to explore the possibility of automatically generating the spreadsheets for the progress update requests to send to the trusts and the Dean’s Report.

Quality Management Database

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