Project overview

ePAQ is an electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire system, the brainchild of Mr Stephen Radley, a consultant obstetrician at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

Patients attending Mr Radley’s clinic are asked to complete an electronic questionnaire using a touch screen, prior to the consultation with the clinician. They are presented with a series of questions relating to Pelvic Floor symptoms, which many patients might find embarrassed to talk about with the clinician directly. On completion of the questionnaire, the ePAQ system will generate a scored report that highlights those symptoms that are of particular ‘bother’ to the patient. This helps best use to be made of valuable consultation time an potentially offers significant service quality improvements. Post-operative patients are asked to repeat the questionnaire, which can give an indication of quality of life improvements as a result of treatment. ePAQ is also a valuable tool for clinical audit and research.

ePAQ Touchscreen Questionnaire

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