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ePAQ Touchscreen Questionnaire

ePAQ is an electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire system, the brainchild of Mr Stephen Radley, a consultant obstetrician at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

Patients attending Mr Radley’s clinic are asked to complete an electronic questionnaire using a touch screen, prior to the consultation with the clinician. They are presented with a series of questions relating to Pelvic Floor symptoms, which many patients might find embarrassed to talk about with the clinician directly. On completion of the questionnaire, the ePAQ system will generate a scored report that highlights those symptoms that are of particular ‘bother’ to the patient. This helps best use to be made of valuable consultation time an potentially offers significant service quality improvements. Post-operative patients are asked to repeat the questionnaire, which can give an indication of quality of life improvements as a result of treatment. ePAQ is also a valuable tool for clinical audit and research.

Following an initial prototype developed at STH as a research project, Illuminaries were selected to rewrite the software into a commercially exploitable product. The prototype had been designed to assess and diagnose female pelvic floor problems but was re-engineered by us into a more generic system to handle instruments for any other body area. The application was also enhanced to automatically adapt the flow through the questionnaire depending on responses given to certain questions, either by skipping entire sections or individual questions or asking more probing questions. An ‘instrument builder’ allows new questionnaires to be easily developed and refined, and includes functions to preview and upload to the live e-PAQ system. Where consent has been given by the patient, anonymised response data stored within the ePAQ database may be exported for analysis.

e-PAQ is a server hosted, browser based application accessed through touch screen and tablet PCs. It has also been extended to an online version ( running outside the NHSnet, which collects data anonymously. This has two target audiences:

  • Patients attending clinics may complete the questionnaire at home prior to the clinic appointment. In this case, the patient is provided with a unique Questionnaire ID, which her clinician uses to access her responses and upload them into the main hospital ePAQ. Clinicians must be registered with ePAQ to access this facility.
  • Women redirected from other sites, such as, who may complete the questionnaire speculatively and receive informed feedback which they can, for instance, present to their GP for follow up advice.

Currently ePAQ Pelvic Floor is use at a number of hospitals in the UK (University Hospital Birmingham and Birmingham Women’s, Wolverhampton, Hinchingbrook, Nottingham City) and scheduled to be installed in 10-12 other NHS Trusts within the next few months.

In partnership with Stephen Radley, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and Medipex Leeds (the Yorkshire NHS Innovations Hub) a spin-out company, EPAQ Systems Ltd, has been formed to further commercially exploit ePAQ in the UK and overseas

For more information and an online demonstration, visit

ePAQ is built using Microsoft SQL Server, .Net framework 2.0 and ASP.NET (internet/intranet) technologies.

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    "The system is looking great. You’ve done what the previous contractor couldn’t do"

    Sylvia Ward, Deputy Chief Executive, Age Concern Sheffield

    "Illuminaries provided creative and imaginative solutions to our data needs and have designed a database that is straightforward to use and has flexible search methods"

    Paula Walker, Sheffield and Rotherham Asbestos Group

    "You were provided with quite a complicated design for an e-commerce site, they created the 'shop' whilst keeping the design as we wanted. They also provided great value for money."

    Lucia Kempsey, Bettyjoy

    "I really have appreciated the time and trouble you’ve taken to help me set up, especially as I’m so unused to using computers!"

    Kathryn Yates, Children’s Food Company

    "We had been thinking of implementing an online system to manage course approvals for some time but options were limited due to security considerations. Illuminaries were able to deliver a solution that works within our IT structure and meets all of our requirements."

    Daniel Kaye, PDO SYEM

    "Illuminaries were fully accommodating to all my needs and have more than delivered on what I had hoped"

    Stephen Radley, Consultant Obstetrician, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

    "As you are planning to get Tony to set your database up, you can be confident that the system will work. Tony also ran the Trent HCV database for a number of years, which generated over 25 peer-reviewed publications"

    Will Irving, Professor of Virology, University of Nottingham

    "I felt it was very productive today and you really have done an amazing job so far with this, it is beyond the expectations I had and to see it in today’s format was really positive"

    Vicky Jones, Quality Co-ordinator, Health Education England

    "Thanks so much for the quality database. It is a great piece of work. I am demonstrating it today at Willerby and am sure everyone will be impressed."

    Julie Platts, Quality Manager, Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber

    "[The QM application is] a really powerful development that allows timely review of concerns, streamlining engagement between the Trust and HEYH so helping in the accuracy of reporting and feedback the GMC"


    "You people are so helpful"

    John Sellars, ICT Consulting

    "The good work done by Illuminaries was highlighted by everyone (at the launch event). I personally would like to highlight the extra mile you went to get to this point. So a very special thanks to you both [Tony and Jim]"

    Mohamed Naeem, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF Maldives Country Office

    "I would like to express my thanks to all of you as well as Illuminaires for their dedication and patience in delivering a user sensitive system that will help in transforming the work of the Government to plan and effectively deliver protection measures to the troubled communities and families in Maldives"

    Manssor Ali - UNICEF, New York

    "The very odd occasion I have required assistance, you have been very responsive in helping me resolve the problem"

    Joe Wright, Momentum Transport

    "Illuminaries provided a systematic and logical approach through the workshops to help clarify the data requirements and functionality of the system that would meet our business needs. This approach saved time and ensured both parties were clear about what was required"

    Rosemary Clark, Objective 1

    "I have just input the first patient onto the [Cirrhosis] database. Nice and easy, straight forward and only took 10 mins if that."

    Andrea Bennett, Deputy Nurse Manager / STOP HCV Project Lead

    "So far it’s been remarkably painless going live, so I just want to say thank you for your fantastic work. We’ve had some really positive comments, and I don’t think there have been any negative ones."

    Katharine Wilkie, Finance Manager, SYFAB

    "The flexibility demonstrated by Illuminaries, their readiness to consider and their ability to implement appropriate, alternative technologies into the laboratory’s business IT systems have proved to be of considerable help during a time of hectic and often profound business change."

    Business Systems Manager, Syngenta